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Environmental Permitting

Jones & Beach routinely evaluates sites for development potential to include wetland and other environmental constraints.  Our in-house Certified Wetland Scientist can be on-site next week to meet your needs.  Our in-house field survey staff will locate wetland flags immediately to continue the site development process.


We complete necessary forms and applications on the local and state level for wetland impacts of single-family residential driveways, impact to wetland buffers, subdivision roadways, fire ponds, large and small commercial projects.  We provide site design elements necessary to obtain approvals, submit applications, and attend required meetings as necessary.


We also evaluate, design and permit on-site community water systems for mobile home cooperatives, condominium or apartment residential projects, as well as for commercial retail developments.  We work with subcontractors for well drilling, tank and electrical design and installation, building construction when necessary.  We have done many upgrades to existing systems, including reports with recommendations and assistance for low-cost funding mechanisms.




* Single-Family Home Wetland Impact Permits

* Small to Large Commercial Project Wetland Permits

* Wetland Buffer Impact Permitting

* Spill Prevention Control Containment (SPCC) Design and Permitting

* On-Site Community Water System Design and Permitting

* NHDES Wetlands Bureau Permitting

* Maine DEP Site Location Permitting

* Massachusetts DEP Permitting

* NHDES Shoreland Protection Permitting

* NHDES Alteration of Terrain Permitting

* Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Notice of Intent/Termination (NOI/NOT) Permitting and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and Soil Erosion & Water Pollution Control Plans (SEWPCPs)

* Groundwater Quality Monitoring and Reporting to Environmental Agencies

* Stormwater System Inspections as mandated by the EPA for MS4 towns.

* Also see Limited Impact Design services