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Warren, NH – Road Drainage Design and Baker River Bank Stabilization

Studio Road, Warren, NH


Project 1: Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. (JBE) completed the Design Build Project for the Drainage Improvements along Studio Road.  The project entailed survey, design and permitting for approximately 300 linear feet of drainage improvements along Studio Road with stormwater discharge into the Baker River.  NHDES Wetland and Shoreland Permits were required for the project.  JBE provided construction inspection for the project.


Project 2: Baker River Emergency slope stabilization at Bixby Road.  Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. (JBE) completed the emergency design and permitting to prevent erosion on approximately 175 linear feet of stream bank.  JBE also assisted the town with bid solicitation for the construction of the project, which was performed in the spring of 2010.


Project 3: Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. (JBE) was awarded the Restoration Design and Permitting for a section of the Baker River in Warren.  The project involved evaluating sediment transport and accelerated fluvial erosion, improvement of aquatic and riparian habitats, and floodplain restoration.  The project also required a Hec-Ras Stormwater analysis.  The project team included John Field, PhD, a Fluvial Geomorphologist, and Gerald Lang, Hydrologist.  The project required final design plans and construction cost estimates.  A U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers and NHDES Wetlands Permit were also required.


Project 4: Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. (JBE) assisted the town of Warren with Emergency Repairs to the Studio Lane, Bixby Lane, and Robb’s Lane bridges for damage caused by Tropical Storm Irene.  JBE facilitated Emergency approvals with NHDES, provided construction management and inspections.


Project 5:  Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. (JBE) provided the town of Warren with a roadway and pavement management plan of the existing Town Roadway System infrastructure.



Town of Warren

Andrew Dorsett, Town Administrator