Welcome to Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc.

Jones & Beach Engineers, Inc. was founded in 1977 by Bradford H. Jones and David W. Beach. Specializing in sanitary engineering, the firm’s primary focus was the design of municipal sewer systems. As time progressed, an increasing portion of the workload trended towards the civil engineering design aspects of private subdivision and site plan development. By the late 1980’s, Brad’s sons Bradford A. and Randall B. Jones had joined the family business. With Brad A. supervising the construction aspects, and Randy handling the civil engineering, residential subdivisions and commercial site plans quickly became the company’s primary concentration.

Through a diligent focus on meeting customer needs and maintaining a level of responsiveness second to none, the firm was able to cultivate a steady and diverse clientele. It was this loyalty and variety that allowed the company to survive the economic turmoil of the early 1990’s, an achievement that garnered recognition as a Sustaining Firm by a national engineering organization. In 1997, Brad retired after twenty years of dedicated service, and turned the reins over to Randy. By then, private development accounted for almost all of the company’s workload. With the economic outlook improving towards the later half of the decade, Jones & Beach became a local leader in the civil engineering industry. Despite this success at having some of the largest residential projects in the area and a rapidly expanding position in the commercial/industrial markets, the company always maintained a spot in its portfolio for the small, less involved projects. This helped it to stay true to its family roots and never lose sight of “the little guy,” a distinction that the firm is proud to maintain to this day.

With the untimely passing of Randy Jones in 2000, the company underwent a transitional period that resulted in the current management structure. With the five current employee owners, the firm has been able to expand not only its ability to serve clients, but its range of services as well. Along with considerable technical upgrades, the survey department was doubled to handle the extensive workload With enhanced Global Position Satellite (GPS) and robotic survey capabilities, the firm is able to provide some of the most technologically advanced survey services on the market. In the design realm, the company has continued to cultivate its commercial design capabilities. As such, large-scale retail development has grown to become a significant share of the business.

In 2008, Jones & Beach acquired RSL Layout & Design, a well-respected survey company located in Raymond, NH. The expansion broadened our survey capabilities, increased our geographic range, and added talented new members to our staff. The quality of RSL’s work earned the esteem of their clients and colleagues throughout New Hampshire and Maine. Jones & Beach remains committed to continuing this legacy by providing their clientele with the highest level of professional service and expertise.

Today, Jones & Beach is a progressive leader in the civil engineering and surveying fields. With valuable experience in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets and projects throughout New England and beyond, the company is well positioned to handle the demands of any development, large or small.

As a leader in the Seacoast advocating infiltration design systems for stormwater management we’re  helping to PAVE the way to a GREENER environment! We routinely design sites with Low-Impact Development (LID) techniques to minimize impervious surface run-off, infiltrate run-off, and to treat stormwater using cutting-edge methods and technologies, including porous pavement, eco-pavers, alternative paving systems, rain gardens, gravel wetlands, bioretention systems, and other various methods.

“EXETER, N.H. – Paying a premium to line a parking lot with pavement full of cavities may sound strange for a dental office, but here it makes great sense, economically and environmentally.” (Tim Wacker, Globe Correspondent, July 27, 2008)

Our experienced team of engineers, surveyors, wetland scientists, designers, technicians and consultants are on-call to give personal and timely attention to your individual needs. At Jones & Beach, we take pride in our innovative and technical achievements, and we continuously look for ways to better serve our clients.  We regularly attend Seminars, provide in-house lunch & learns from cutting-edge vendors, and we are members of many professional and civic organizations, such as GSDI, NHANRS, Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce, NHLSA, HBC to name a few.